Frequently Asked Questions:

How long do The Dave Speakman Band play for?

A standard booking consists of 2 x one-hour sets spread over a 3-hour period. If less music or more is required please state this in your enquiry.

How much space do The Dave Speakman Band need?

There are several different ways we can set the band up. We are flexible but the more space the better.

What are the power requirements for the band?

The Dave Speakman Band use around 1000 watts of electricity. This can be taken from a single standard 13-amp mains feed, i.e. 1 plug (the limit is around 3500 watts). If your event is being held in a marquee we strongly recommend that you check with your marquee provider, as they will be able to advise on power supply.

What are the lighting requirements for the band?

The Dave Speakman Band provide all our own lighting. We have lighting ample for both the band and the dancefloor. Our typical setup includes 8 X Par Cans and 4 x Intelligent Moving Heads

Can we choose a specific first dance?

Yes this is a possibility. Please mention this when booking so we can discuss your song choice with you.

Can we choose the repertoire?

When you book The Dave Speakman Band you book a 'worry-free' 100% professional, experienced and reliable service. This includes repertoire choice. The Dave Speakman Band decides repertoire on the night confident that 99% of your guests will know 99% of the tunes we play. As with most, busy, professional bands we do not send out a repertoire list because we are constantly reviewing and making changes to the songs we play. The music we choose to play is determined by requests we receive from your guests, tried and tested classics, combinations and sequences of songs we know work well together and the audiences' reaction to songs we have played earlier in the evening.

How do we book the band?

Booking is made by signed contract, which we will send you on request. A 20% deposit is required. Terms of business are payment in full, 7 working days prior to performance.

How loud are The Dave Speakman Band?

The Dave Speakman Band can be as quiet or loud as you desire. The band tours with a fantastic sounding 3kW RCF rig for a tight crisp sound. the rig is suitable for 40 - 400 guests. If your event requires a larger system, we have contacts that can provide up to 90kW PA and outdoor staging. If your venue has an electronic noise limiter - it is no problem, but please let us know when enquiring about the band.

Do you need to look at the venue prior to performance?

No, we do not usually visit venues beforehand.

How long does it take the band to set up and do you sound-check?

For weddings and parties it takes around 60 minutes to set up. If you require an immediate start it is possible for the entire band to set up earlier in the day, however there is a charge made for this service. For corporate functions with a larger sound system a set up time of 2 hours is required.

Can music be played as background music?

Background music is always played during any breaks and can also be played prior to performance by special arrangement. We can also provide a DJ at extra charge.

Technical or rider requirements:

Plug sockets for P.A.
Soft drinks
A meal for the band is always welcome!

Dave Speakman Band:

  • Professional
  • Experienced
  • Reliable
  • Organised
  • Good musicians
  • Self contained
  • Have a P.A system and lighting
  • They can fit into almost any space
  • Have a huge repertoire of music


Other booking info: